Alzheimer’s and other dementias have many different faces. The impact of dementia reaches far beyond the person who has been diagnosed and touches the lives of everyone close to them.  

The aim of the #LivingWithDementia campaign is to raise awareness of those who are living with dementia, gain an insight into their lives and give hope to all those impacted by it.

As each person’s relationship with the condition is different, we want people who are living with dementia to encourage others to talk, share their experiences and show that you can continue to live well after diagnosis.   

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I think at the start I was very impatient with Mam. We were showing her simple things and there was no way she could comprehend them. We couldn’t understand why. This was all before the diagnosis. Now looking back, you feel guilty about those things. One day I got caught in extreme fog on the beach. I realised that’s what it must be like. Imagine spending your whole day like that. 
Me now and me ten years ago are two totally different people altogether. I worked as a block layer but went back to college and got a degree in social care. Purely because of her. I told her that I’d passed and there was a smile there and I know inside she was doing cartwheels. This is something I want to do for the rest of my life. Her situation has changed my life completely. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for her.
She’s still guiding me, even as an adult. I’ve never seen anyone as amazing as her. She’s an inspiration. 
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Dad is doing great. He’s a very physically fit man. It was a big shock at first. It had a ripple effect and of course I can perfectly understand why. He was worried he would go the same way as his mother and brothers who had Alzheimer’s. 
There’s far more to Alzheimer’s than losing words. His logic and reasoning have taken a bit of a hit as well. Through The Alzheimer Society of Ireland we have Michelle who works with us. She gives us lots of support and teaches Dad, and us, strategies on how to live well.

With the work of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland people can live at home much longer and be much more independent than people think. Dad has the right attitude, but it’s because the support is there. Those kinds of supports and the stability of those supports, are very important to him. 
For him and for us. 

I don’t worry about the future at all.  We’re living and working in the now.
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There were definite signs to me that there was something happening. Little things that just couldn’t be put down to being forgetful. I’d look at things and not know what they were for. I couldn’t remember their purpose. I found words were gone. I actually realised I was acting things out. Asking “would you get me the…”. I wouldn’t be able to think of the word. It had completely disappeared. That was a tough, lonely place to be.
I’m not going to let it get me down. I’m giving Alzheimer’s a good run for its money. It’s a disease. It’s not what defines me. It’s not all there is to me. I’m still me. 

I’m teaching myself to laugh about it. You have to laugh and you can laugh about the little things. It was a huge relief to finally get it out there and talk about it. Talk with family, friends and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. If I do something silly, or say something silly, it makes sense now. I focus on what I have today. Today is too important. 
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I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago and at first there was a bit of a lull. In fact it was a big lull. I presumed I was destined to end up in a home. Talking helped me realise that there are people with Alzheimer’s living normal lives. 
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland got me talking about it and they gave me great confidence in myself.  I decided I had to get myself together, that I wouldn’t let it beat me. As time has gone on, very little has changed in my life. I tell everybody. All my family, neighbours and friends know. People don’t believe me when I tell them. It’s easier when people know. I don’t hide it. It makes having a conversation easier. If I can’t think of a word, they’ll say it for me and we go on with the conversation.
I do my best to keep going. I won’t let it get me down. I’m still living the same normal life and I’m happy with life. 
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Tell your story

Tell Your Story.

If you or a loved one is #LivingWithDementia then please tell us your story.

Help show others that people diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia can continue to live well.

Tell Your Story

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