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The Irish Times, October 30th 2018: 'Hallucinations, tremors and sleep issues: when dementia doesn’t mean memory loss' (Kevin Quaid), October 1st, 2018: 'World Alzheimer's Month: Caring for the carer' (Una Caulfield & Ann Twomey), September 21st 2018: 'World Alzheimer’s Month aims to challenge the stigma surrounding dementia' (Pat McLoughlin & Jean Scanlon)

The Sunday Independent, September 16th 2018: 'I have gone to a place I could never have dreamed' (Helen Rochfrod Brennan)

The Irish Times, August 31st 2018: Calls for new, ring-fenced budget to improve dementia services

Irish Independent, July 23rd 2018: The stigma of Alzheimer's creates terrible loneliness' (Jacinta Dixon)

The Irish Sun, July 19th 2018: Carer who looked after dad during dementia battle hits out at lack of support services (Judy Williams)

Irish Independent, July 18th 2018: All I really want to do now is think about Dad (Ronan Smith)

The Irish Sun, July 18th 2018:  Ex-Gaiety producer Ronan Smith lifts lid on Alzheimer’s 

Irish Independent, June 29th 2018: Access to care for dementia must improve, says Owen, June 21st 2018: Riverdance Supports Alzheimer's Society with Dublin Dance-a-thon

Irish Independent, June 11th 2018: Dementia and the battle with nutrition

Irish Independent, June 9th 2018: 'I saw the front door open and the gate open... we eventually found him on the road' (interview with Ann Twomey)

Irish Independent, May 4th 2018: Heartstopping moment Riverdance troupe piles into Irish dementia day care centre

Saturday AM (TV3), April 28th 2018: Helen Rochfrod Brennan and Prof Sabina Brennan discuss Tea Day 2018

Sunday Independent, April 22nd 2018: 'I feel lucky to have had a very privileged life' (Interview with Ronan Smith)

Irish Examiner, April 17th 2018: 'Barry links up with ASI for Tea Day'

The Irish Times, March 20th 2018: "The Irish Times Health Board" (Paro, the therapeutic robotic Seal)

Irish Independent, February 10th 2018: '"We have cried together, we have laughed together" - mother-of-two (57) on telling her children she had dementia' (Interview with Kathy Ryan)

Irish Independent, January 30th 2018, 'We’re doing everything we can to repay Mam after everything she’s done for us' (Interview with Laura Reid)

RTE One, December 28th 2017, At Your Service Christmas Special (Featuring Kathy Ryan)

Irish Independent, December 19th 2017, 'He forgot how many children he had...' (Caroline Fanning interview)

Irish Examiner, December 12th 2017, Sharing Stories of Life with Dementia

Irish Examiner, November 14th 2017, One in three not aware of diabetes link to dementia

RTE Winning Streak, November 11th 2017, Ennis Day Care Centre

Woman's Way, November 7th 2017, Caring for someone with Alzheimer's

The Sunday Business Post, October 29th 2017, Sick of broken promises

Irish Examiner, October 11th 2017, Budget 2018 reaction

Irish Examiner, September 28th, Register to help people with dementia

Irish Independent, September 21st 2017, People would call us to say they's found her in town (Micheal Rowsome interview)

Irish Examiner, September 21st, Forget Me Not (Kathy Ryan interview)

Irish Independent, September 6th 2017, I would be walking around town and suddenly I don't know where I am (Ronan Smith interview)

Irish Independent, September 4th 2017, Fears Alzheimer's patients suffering malnutrition as they forget to eat

Irish Examiner, September 4th 2017, Dementia sufferers 'forgetting to eat'

Irish Independent, August 22nd 2017, Grass Women Break Silage Cutting Record

The Irish Times, August 22nd 2017, Is it time to rethink dementia patients' medication?

The Irish Sun, August 6th 2017, Rory Cowan's secret heartache

The Irish Times, August 1st 2017, Health Board - Tackling Dementia

Irish Medical Times, July 26th 2017, Doubling of participation in clinical trials sought

 Irish Independent, June 14th 2017, Secret toll of depression and anxiety for carers

The Irish Times, June 5th 2017, Action needed on dementia

Woman's Way, May 30 2017, The power of art for people with dementia

Irish Sunday Mirror, May 21 2017, Alzheimer's bus hits road for tragic OAP

Irish Examiner, May 11 2017, Tea cosies in the television spotlight

Irish Independent, May 5 2017, Players help Alzheimer’s event

Irish Daily Mirror, May 5 2017, Daughter and family urged to seek help

Ireland AM, May 4 2017, Tea Day Part 1: Tina Leonard, Gerard Mulligan and Rory Cowan

Ireland AM, May 4 2017, Tea Day Part 2: Niamh Kennedy and her mother, Catherine

Ireland AM, May 4 2017, Tea Day Part 3: Chair of Irish Dementia Working Group Steering Group Ronan Smith

Ireland AM, May 4 2017, Tea Day Part 4: Head of Fundraising Mairead Dillon

Woman’s Way, May 2 2017, 20 Questions with … Niamh Kennedy, April 27 2017, Move over Michael Tea Higgins, there's a new tea cosy in Gogglebox Ireland town, April 26 2017, Munster Players Host Alzheimer’s Tea Day, April 18 2017, Dáithí O'Sé 'alarmed' by increase in Alzheimer patients

Irish Independent March 27 2017, Alzheimer's robbed me of my Dad at 42

Irish Independent, March 27 2017, Making a Difference. Tips on supporting a loved one with dementia from registered nurse and founder of Care at Home Paula Maher

Pat Kenny Tonight TV3, March 8th 2017, Featuring Dementia Carers Campaign Network member Eamon O Farrel (31 minutes in)

IPU Review, March 1st, Charities launch research project aimed at improving health behaviours among young people 

Irish Examiner, Feburary10th 2017, Mind Matterss 

Today with Maura and Daithi, February 7th 2017 Being a dementia carer with Ann Twomey and Dementia Adviser Amy Murphy(57 minutes in)

The Irish Mail, February 5th 2017, The day I told  my teenage sons I have Alzheimer's 

Irish Daily Mirror Helpline,February 3rd 2017 Alzheimer’s calls surge 

Galway Independent,February 1st 2017 Alzheimer Mobile Information Service

Irish Farmers Journal, January 28th 2017 Reduce your risks of dementia

The Ray D'Arcy Show, January 20th 2017 Ronan Smith radio interview on living with dementia

DroghedaLife,January 17th, 2017 Almost 16,000 people with disabilities being discriminated against in Louth

Elaine, TV3, 9th January, 2017 Tina Leonard and Niamh Kennedy interviewed on dementia (at 25 minutes in), December 27th, 2016 Why Ireland wants a registry to keep track of everyone who has dementia

Longford Leader, December 27th, 2016 Concern at delivery on dementia strategy

Irish Examiner, December 24th, 2016 Carers lie to dementia patients to reduce distress

Limerick Leader, December 24th, 2016 The emotional reality of an Alzheimers carer

Northside People West, December 21st, 2016 Alzheimer Society issues advice for Christmas

Leinster Express, December 20th, 2016 Concern at delivery on dementia strategy

Irish Independent, December 17th, 2016 For us, the future is a terrifying place

Irish Times, December 13th, 2016 Remembering people with dementia this Christmas

Irish Examiner, December 2nd, 2016 More than 2,150 died from dementia last year

Irish Examiner, November 28th, 2016, Looking after a dementia patient can negatively impact a carer

Sunday Business Post, November 27th, 2016, Enduring Power of Attorney 

Irish Independent, November 25th  2016 Can a Diet Prevent Dementia?

Irish Daily Mirror, November 22nd 2016 , Freddie Acts to Rock for Charity

Evening Echo, November 21st, 2016, Symposium on Public Perspectives on Dementia 

Late Late Show, November 18th, 2016 Helen Rochford Brennan Interview 

Liveline, October 29th, 2016  Alan O'Broin talks about caring for his father with alzheimer's

Irish Sun, October 27th, 2016 Dementia Dail Push

Irish Times, October 25th, 2016 Dementia Levels set to double in next 20 years 

Irish Time, October 25th, 2016, Early Onset Dementia, Life doesnt end when dementia begins 

Irish Examiner, October 24th, 2016 Rory Cowan's Anger at his Mum's Dementia 

Ryan Tubridy Radio, October 18th, Niamh Kennedy talks about her father's Alzheimer's 

The Herald, October 18th, My Mother isn't Having a Good End to her Life 

The Herald, October 17th DJ Climbing Heights for Alzheimer's Charity 

Irish Independent, October 17th, 2016, Alzheimer's Came on my Mum so Subtly and Quietly 

Irish Sun, October 14th, 2016 My Dad Slowly Dissolved Mentally  

Irish Daily Mirror, October 14th, TV Star Joins Dementia Evening 

Irish Examiner, October 12th, 2016, Wish for my Mother is for her to Stay in Her Own Home 

Irish Independent, October 10th, 2016, Celebratory Night for Dementia 

Irish Daily Mirror, October 6th, 2016 Niamh's Family Alzheimer Heartache 

Newstalk,ie October 6th, 2016. Woman's Natual Memory Skill Could Delay Alzheimer's Diagnosis 

Irsh Daily Mirror, October 6th, 2016. Miss Ireland Reveals Hope to Raise Awareness of Disease that Claimed her Dad's Life.

Irish Daily Mirror, October 6th, 2016, Dementia Mum's Petition for more Help

Sunday Business Post, October 2nd, 2016, Health Attention, Dementia Prevention 

Irish Independent, September 30th, 2016 Early Diagnosis Key to Living Well With Dementia 

Daily Mirrorl, September 30th, 2016- Funding Call for Dementia 

irish Examiner, September 28th, 2016  Building the Dementia Environment 

Irish Independent, September 23rd. 2016 - We've been together for 44 years I don't want to put him in a home

Irish Sunday Mirror, September 11, 2016, Popular DJ Gearing up for 'Soundtrek' of her Life 

Irish Pharmacy News, September 9th, 2016- How Pharmacists Can Help People with Dementia 

Irish Medical Times, September 7th, 2016, New Mobile Information Service Launched 

Irish Examiner, September 1st - 2016,- One step closer to drug to halt Alzheimer's , Augusts 28th - 2016, What you should do if you are diagnosed with dementia 

Sunday Times, August 15th, 2016, Ageing Timbebomb and the Homecare Crisis

Irish Times, August 9th, 2016 Dementiaville, a new kind of home for people with dementia 

The August 1st, 2016, Dublin to host singalong Concerts for People with Dementia 

Sunday Business Post, August 1st, 2016 - Department of Health to Consider Home Care Plan

Irish Examiner, July 29th, 2016, Alzheimer's Delayed by Drug for First Time

RTE Morning Ireland, 21st July 2016 - Concern over lack of funding towards homecare packages 8th July, 2016 - More home care needed for dementia

Ireland AM, TV3, 10rth July, 2016  Kathy Ryan and sons interviewed on campaign 

Irish Post, 7th July, 2016- Irish mum and sons explain what it is like to live with Alzheimer's 

Newstalk Lunchtime 6th July, 2016 - The importance of home care for people with Alzheimer's and dementia, July 6th, 2016 -  This emotional campaign deserves attention 

Irish Sun, July 6th, 2016, Sons moving tribute about mum who has Alzheimer's 

Irish Independent, July 6th, 2016, One day she will forget I am her son

Xpose July 6th, 2016- Watch Emotional Video of Mother with Alzheimer's 

Newstalk, July 6th, 2016 - Watch Irish Mother with Alzheimer's Video go Viral

Newstalk July 6th, 2016 - Dementia homecare cuts, Tina Leonard, Ronan Smith, Laura Reid interview 

Newstalk July 6th, 2016 -  Dr Emer Begley discusses Carebright's new model for dementia care 

Irish Examiner, July 1st, 2016 - Dementia Homecare, my father had to be minded like a child.

Irish Daily Mail July 5th, 2016 - Dementia is Cruel but I won't put my husband in a home.

Irish Daily Mail, June 14th, 2016 - Diseases that can take up to 30 years to diagnose

Irish Examiner June 30th, 2016 - Funding for Dementia Homecare Cut by 11m

Irish Indendent, June 3rd, 2016 - Georgraphy Not Need Dictating Who Gets Home Care in Ireland 

Newtalk Breakfast June 4th, 2016 - Half of Nursing Home Residents Could be at Home

Irish Times, June 4th, 2016 - Many in Nursing Homes could Live at Home if Supported June 4th, 2016 - Social Workers 'Waiting for People to Die' to Get Elderly Care They Need.

Newstalk, June 3rd, 2016 - Morning Top Five: Homecare Report

The Herald, June 7th, 2016 - Proud 300 Raise Funds for Alzheimers.

Irish Sun. June 4, 2016 - Age Aid Criticism

Irish Examiner, June 4, 2016 - 40pc of Elderly Have Little of No Say about Care

Irish Daily Mail June 4th 2016 - Home Care Spend Falls as Elderly Population Rises

Breaking News, June 3rd, 2016 - Government not Providing Supports for People who want to Age at Home 

Irish Daily Mail 20th May 2016 - New Bin Rules Upset Carers

Ray Darcy Show 5th May 2016 Messages of support read out to Kathy Ryan

RTE Radio One 4th May, 2016 - Interview with Kathy Ryan on Ray Darcy Show 

Irish Independent 4th May, 2016 - Mums with Alzheimer's Emotional Letter to Sons  

irish Independent May 2nd, 2016 - We Cope with Mum's Dementia Day by Day April 2nd 2016- The Hardest thing about Alzheimer's, knowing your kids will slowly watch you dissapear

Irish Independent April 2nd 2016- We Cope with Mum's Dementia Day by Day  

Irish Examiner April 29th - Help is out There For Families of People With Alzheimer's 

Irish Medical Times April 13th - Human Right Charter Launched 

Irish Independent 22nd April 2016 - Players are Box Office Hit Movie Night 

Irish Daily Mail 19th April 2016 - Cold Medicine Link to Memory Loss in Over 70's

Irish Independent 15th April- Leinster Players Line out for Charity Night 14th April -2016 Leinster Players to host charity night at screening of Jungle Book

Ireland AM- 14th April, 2016 Therapy Dogs Visit ASI Centre in Cabra

Irish Medical Times, 13th April - 2016 Human Rights Charter Launched 

rish Times, April 8th Pain of Explaining Dementia to Family

Irish Times. April 8th- 2016 Charter Aims to Change View of Dementia 

Irish Independent April 8th- 2016 - Robinson Urges to End Stigma of Dementia 

irish Examiner April 8th - 2016- First Human Rights Charter for People with Dementia 

Irish Examiner April 7th- 2016 - I have learned to live with Alzheimer's but it does not define me

Irish Examiner- April 4th- 2016 Short Film to Raise Awareness of Dementia April 2nd- 2016- Life History Quilt Brings Comfort to People with Dementia 

Daily Mirror- Tea Drive to help Charity

Irish Examiner -Happy a cuppa for the Alzheimer Society 

Irish Examiner - 22nd March 2016 - Emotional Short Film portrays losing a loved one to Alzheimer's 

Irish Independent- 21st March 2016- Leinster Stars Line out for Alzheimer's Society 

Irish Independent- 14th March 2016- Busiest Year for Alzheimer's Line 

Irish Medical Times - 12th March, 2016- Double Impact of Dementia on Women

Irish Examiner- 7th March 2016-Calls to Dementia Helpline Increase by 63pc

Newstalk- 13th February 2016- The Cafe, documentary about Cork Alz Cafe 

Irish Medical Times - 11th January 2016 ASI Welcomes New Funding for Dementia Research and Care 4th February 2016 - In the Next Dáil's Lifetime 12,000 People will be Diagnosed with a Disease There is No Cure For

Irish Examiner - 1st  February, 2016 Dementia Support Needs to Become an Election Issue as Numbers Rise

Irish Daily Mail - 3rd February, 2016 Put Dementia in Poll Position

Farmer's Journal - 3rd February, 2016 Helen Rochford Brennan on Life with Early Onset Alzheimer's 

Galway Bay FM- 30th January ,2016 Cogs Clubs Comes to Galway.

Woman's Way Magazine -  19th January, 2016  A Life with Dementia 

Irish Daily Mail - 30th January, 2016 Alzheimer Helpline Calls Surge by 50pc

Newstalk Lunchtime - 7th January, 2016 Charities Demand Universal and Publicly Funded Healthcare System

RTE Drive Time - 7th Janauary 2016 Top Health Priorities of General Election

Irish Independent - 7th January 2016 - Charity Partner Says Massive Thank You

Irish Times -  7th January 2016 - Charity Alliance Seeks End to Two Tier Health System

irish Examiner - 19th November 2016- 'Lunatic' law replacement will take six months 

Irish Independent - 18th December 2015- No A&E Crisis After Christmas Promised 

Irish Medical Times 9th December 2015 - New Study Finds Undiagnosed Levels of Dementia 

Irish Independent 4th Decmeber 2015 - Dementia care costs 'halved' by supporting people to live at home

Irish Medical Times 2nd December 2015 - New study finds high levels of undiagnosed dementia 

Liveline 30th November, 2015 -  Joe Duffy talks to carer Laura Reid about her mum's dementia  

Irish Independent 30th November 2015 - Keeping life normal is the ultimate struggle

Irish Independent 27th November 2015 - Alzheimer Society launches Rugby Memories to aid dementia sufferers

Irish Examiner 26th November 2015 - Hospitals Failing to Diagnose Dementia

Irish Independent 25th November 2015 - Alzheimer's Launch Rugby Memories

Irish Times 25th November 2015 - Rugby memories help tackle dementia

Irish Times 17th November 2015 - Film Brings Twilights World of Dementia Into Focus

Ryan Tubridy Radio Show  12th November 2015 - Carer Katie Moran discussed caring for her mum Loretta 

Irish Daily Mail 10th November 2015- Caring for Mum had Made me Love Her Even More

Near FM 9th November 2015 - Carer Laura Reid is interviewed in NearFm on the Impact of Caring Campaign

KFM 5th November 2015  - Dorothy Mooney is interviewed on KFm on the Impact of Caring Campaign 

Irish Independent 3rd November 2015- Proceeds from Eamon Gilmore's book going to The ASI

Irish Examiner 27th October -2015 - Tips for Retailers from Alzheimer Society 

Irish Examiner 14th October 2015 - HSE Service Plan to determine health budget details

Evening Echo 5th October 2015 - How to spot signs of vascular dementia

Evening Echo 3rd October 2015 - We must talk about dementia

Irish 2nd October 2015 - People at home with dementia need more support 

The Mirror 2nd October 2015 - Plea on lack of home care for dementia

Irish Examiner 1st October 2015 - Discworld is coming to Cork

Evening Echo 28th September 2015 - Sun shines down on fun day of goodwill

Evening Echo 22nd September 2015 - Smoking can double risk of dementia

The Sun 22nd September 2015 - 1 in 3 tots will have dementia in future 

Irish Examiner 22nd September 2015 - Smoking can double the risk of developing dementia

The Today Show 21st September 2015 - Interview with Kathy Ryan 

Breakfast Newstalk 21st September 2015 - Interview with Helen Rochford Brennan 

UTV Ireland 21st September 2015 - Tina Leonard & Ray Creegan Interview 

Anton Savage TodayFM Show 21st September 2015 - Ronan Smith Interview (From 12.10 on) 

Irish 21st September 2015 - Smoking doubles risk of dementia 

The Sun 21st September 2015 - Dementia risk factor

The Mirror 21st September 2015 - Smoking increases risk of dementia

Daily Mail 21st September 2015 - I have Alzheimer's but I've still got hope

Irish Independent 21st September 2015 - Highlight link of smoking to Alzheimer's, urge experts

Sunday Independent 20th September 2015 - Smoking now linked to cases of dementia

Daily Mail 19th September 2015 - Alzheimer's discovery

Irish Medical Times 18th September 2015 - No evidence to suggest Alzheimer's is contagious

Evening Echo 15th September 2015 - Dementia is a looming health crisis

Irish Medical Times 14th September 2015 - MyHealth app launched by RCSI

Irish Times 10th September 2015 - Alzheimer's 'seeds' could be transferred, new study claims 

Irish Independent 10th September 2015 - Scientists fear Alzheimer's 'may be passed on in surgeries'

Irish Independent 10th September 2015 - Alzheimer's can spread from surgery, study claims

Daily Mail 10th September 2015 - Alzheimer's link to blood transfusions 

The Sun 10th September 2015 - Brain decay risk at dentist 10th September 2015 - Alzheimer's disease may be transferred in some surgeries 

Irish Independent 4th September 2015 - Dawson lauds new charity partner link-up

Evening Echo 31st August 2015 - Cork dementia rate will treble in a generation

The 26th August 2015 - Eleven People a day will develop dementia next year experts say

The Herald 26th August 2015 - Eleven People a day will develop dementia next year says experts

Irish Examiner 26th August 2015 - New dementia sufferer every three seconds as treatment costs to hit €1tn

Sunday Independent 23rd August 2015 - My Husband's in care 

Irish Times 21st August 2015 - Dementia rates lower than feared in Europe

Irish Independent 19th August 2015 - Leinster name ASI & CRY as charity partners for the season

Irish Times 18th August 2015 - How art breaks boundaries of time and memory for people with dementia

Evening Echo 15th August 2015 - Donate the money from court 'poor boxes' to local charities 

Irish Times 11th August 2015 - Kerry paid 40% of court poor box funds

Irish Examiner 11th August 2015 - Local charities lose out in €2m court poor box payouts 

Public Sector News 1st August 2015 - Low levels of education is one of key risk factors for dementia 

Irish Times 27th July 2015 - Women and dementia

Evening Echo 22nd July 2015 - ASI Services in Cork

The Sean O'Rourke Show 22nd July 2015 - Interview with Dorothy Mooney & Laurie Graham

Irish Examiner 18th July 2015 - Something for the weekend 

Newstalk Breakfast Show 16th July 2015 - Helen Cashel Moran & Tina Leonard interview 

Irish Independent 13th July 2015 - Disappearing in dementia

Irish Times 7th July 2015 - Telling fiblets in the moment, keeping time with my mother

The Irish Mail 5th July 2015 - How patients with dementia are assessed and treated 

Evening Echo 3rd July 2015 - Alzheimer Society's new chief

The Herald 3rd July 2015 - Physical activity 'can prevent dementia'

Irish Independent 3rd July 2015 - 1,000 cases of Alzheimer's preventable

IPU Review 1st July 2015 - Launch of new guides for family members and carers of people with dementia

Evening Echo 30th June 2015 - We need to change our law 

Evening Echo 30th June 2015 - Cope CEO joins Alzheimer Society 

Irish Independent 30th June 2015 - ASI help for Carers

The 29th June 2015 - Alzheimer's cases to rise 200pc as lack of funding is criticised

Irish Independent 29th June 2015 - Alzheimer's Society help for Carers

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Helen Rochford Brennan's story

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Online edition of Helen Rochford Brennan & Sean Donal O'Sheas stories 

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Sean Donal O'Shea's story

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Tadhg Daly

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Tina Leonard Head of Advocacy & Public Affairs

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Making the right decision

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Life stories are worth telling 

Irish Examiner 26th June 2015 - Suzanne Cahill

Irish Examiner 25th June 2015 - Report on the increase of dementia in Ireland with videos of Ronan Smith & Kathy Ryan, ASI advocates

Irish Examiner 25th June 2015 - Kathy Ryan's Story

Irish Examiner 25th June 2015 - Dementia tsunami looms

Irish Examiner 25th June 2015 - Professor Suzanne Cahill

Irish Examiner 25th June 2015 - Ronan Collins

Irish Examiner 25th June 2015 - Ronan Smith's Story 

The Sun 24th June 2015 - Dementia Care Alert 

Daily Mirror 24th June 2015 - 2,000 elderly abuse claims in four years

Irish Examiner 24th June 2015 - 2,000 reports of abuse of dementia sufferers 

The Pat Kenny Show 22nd June 2015 - Dorothy Mooney speaks to Pat about caring for her husband Eric

The Sun 20th June 2015 - Surprise Hello 

Irish Times 19th June 2015 - We should ban the word ‘grand’ before we go mad

UTV Ireland 15th June 2015 - Dementia projects help sufferers 'live well in their community'

Evening Echo 15th June 2015 - Arts are vital for all, says President at €3m centre

Evening Echo 10th June 2015 - Reaching out can help end stigma of dementia 

The Journal 9th June 2015 - 'Sometimes I see fear in his eyes'

Daily Mirror 9th June 2015 - Getting facts on dementia

Irish Times 9th June 2015 - More than 4,000 carers are under the age of 15

Irish Independent 8th June 2015 - Gardaí probe death of Alzheimer's patient after hospital attack

The Journal 5th June 2015 - People look at me and say 'You don't look like somebody that has dementia'

Daily Mirror 5th June 2015 - Specialist beds needed for dementia patients

The Sun 4th June 2015 - Bid to axe Alzheimer stigma

Irish Independent 5th June 2015 - Gardai probe death of Alzheimer's patient after hospital attack

Evening Echo 4th June 2015 - We need to talk about Dementia

The Journal 4th June 2015 - The Azure programme

Daily Mirror 4th June 2015 - Forget the stigma drive

The Irish Examiner 4th June 2015 - The pain of stigma 'a reality' for people with dementia

The Irish Times 3rd June 2015 - New guidelines to cover use of chemical cosh drugs

The Right Hook 2nd June 2015 - Ronan Smith interview with George Hook & Forget the Stigma Campaign

The Sunday Times 31st May 2015 - Artful effort to taylor Galleries for Alzheimer's

Daily Mail 26th May 2015 - Ministers U-turn means sidelined charities gets €1.3m funding lifeline

RTE Guide May 9th 2015 - Alzheimer's Tea Day 2015

Sunday Independent May 3rd 2015 - If you do one thing this week

Irish Examiner May 2nd 2015 - Alzheimer's Disease: Lighting the corners of the mind

Moncrief Show 29th April 2015 - Interview with Kathy Ryan & Ronan Smith 

Irish Times 28th April 2015 - On your marks, get set, fundraise

The Journal 28th April 2015 - People don't have to be afraid of Dementia

Irish Examiner 28th April 2015 - Novartis staff volunteer to help local communities

Irish Independent 27th April 2015 - Cure Talk Leads to False Hope

Irish Examiner 23rd April 2015 - Alzheimer Society Plea on Funding 

Daily Mirror 23rd April 2015 - Cutback Fear for Charities 

Dublin South FM 22nd April 2015 - Hen House interview with Tina Leonard & Ray Creegan

Irish Times 18th April 2015 - First Encounters with Helen Rochford Brennan 

Irish World 11th April 2015 - Launch of Alzheimer's tea day initiative for 2015

Irish Times 7th April 2015 - Behind the Scenes: Sarah Lennon, training officer with Inclusion Ireland

Irish Times 6th April 2015 - Letters to the Editor - Repeal the Lunacy Act 

Evening Echo 2nd April 2015 - Operation Transformation Star at Alzheimer's Tea Day 

Irish Times 1st April 2015 - State criticised for not changing 150-year-old Lunacy Act

Daily Mirror 1st April 2015 - Alzheimer's Tea Day 

Irish Independent 1st April 2015 - Alzheimer's Tea Day Launch 

Ireland AM 31st March 2015 - Interview with Helen Rochford Brennan and Tea Day launch

Sunday Mirror 22nd March 2015 - Mum's heartache over early-onset Alzheimer's  

Sunday Mirror 22nd March 2015 - Thousands struggle without support 

Marian Finucane Show 21st March 2015 - National Memory Clinic Conference 

Northern Standard 12th March - Coping with Dementia How a Monaghan Adviser Can Help

Irish Examiner 17th March 2015 - Government criticised for No Show at Dementia Event

Morning Ireland 16th March 2015 - No Government Minister at WHO Ministerial Convention on Dementia

The Sun 16th March 2015 - Envoy Anger

Irish Farmers Journal 14th March 2015 - Dealing with Dementia 12th March 2015 - The People's debate with Vincent Browne

Today with Sean O'Rourke 9th March 2015 - Review of Still Alice and Alzheimers with Helen Rochford Brennan and Judy Williams 

RTE Guide 7th March 2015 - Memory Loss

Daily Mail 6th March 2015 - IFI special screening of Still Alice with ASI panel 

Medical Independent 5th March 2015 - Bridging funding to charities now €1.3m

The Irish Times 3rd March 2015 - We want to enable people with dementia to be independent for as long as possible 

Irish Pharmacy News 1st March 2015 - Pharmacy included in National Dementia Strategy

Image Magazine 1st March 2015 - Forget me Not - Interview with Kathy Ryan

The Sunday Business Post 1st March 2015 - Dementia cure failures bring on funding fatigue in pharma companies

Evening Echo 24th February 2015 - Calls to Alzheimer Helpline up

The Mail on Sunday 22nd February 2015 - Dublin to Galway Cycle 2015

Daily Mirror 20th February 2015 - Rise in calls on Dementia 

Irish Independent 20th February 2015 - Numbers of calls to the Alzheimer helpline rises 20pc

The Herald 20th February 2015 - Dementia risk twice as high for women

Irish Examiner 20th February 2015 - Dementia sufferers helpline sees calls rise 20%

Evening Echo 18th February 2015 - Interview with Vanessa Bradbury Dementia Adviser in Cork 

Irish Examiner 17th February 2015 - Call for Research into Dementia 

The Irish Independent 17th February 2015 - Women are far more likely to get dementia than men

The Irish Times 10th February 2015 - 'Bed-blockers' begone: Vunerable patients need support, not dismissive terminology

Evening Echo 9th February 2015 - A different stage for people living with Dementia

The Irish Times 5th February 2015 - Minister committed to redress costs 

The Irish Times 3rd Febuary 2015 - Tea Dance Tunes in the National Concert Hall

Evening Echo 2nd February 2015 - Dementia Services

Irish Independent  30th January 2015 - Two Year Wait for a Bed in Dementia Unit

Irish Daily Mirror 30th January 2015 - Dementia Care Crisis in 90pc of Nursing Homes

Irish Examiner 30th January 2015 -  56 Respite Beds for 30,000 Dementia Patients

Daily Mail 28th January 2015 - Making music is the nearest we can come to perfection 

RTE Guide 17th January 2015 - Soundtrack to my life - Nuala Carey

The Irish Times 17th January 2015 - Letters to the Editor - Dementia & Hospital overcrowding 

Irish Examiner 16th January 2015 - Research programme bids to defuse dementia time bomb

Irish Independent - Health and Living Supplement 12th January 2015 - Living with Alzheimer's, Interview with Ronan Smith 

Irish Examiner 8th January 2015 - HSE 'bending the rules' in bid to tackle crisis

Evening Echo 7th January 2015 - TP O'Mahony reveals his personal experience of how Dementia has affected his wife  

The Irish Times 18th December 2014 - Interview with Helen Rochford Brennan, Chair of the Irish Dementia Working Group 

The Irish Examiner 18th December 2014 - Launch of the National Dementia Strategy on 17 December 2014

Irish Independent 18th December 2014 - Launch of the National Dementia Strategy on 17 December 2014

The Irish Times 18th December 2014 - Launch of the National Dementia Strategy on 17 December 2014

Sunday Independent 14th December 2014 - Drop in Charity Donations

Sunday Independent 14th December 2014 - Aftershock of Salary Scandals

Woman's Way 11th December 2014 - Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon 

Irish Daily Mirror 28th November 2014 - ASI reaction to HSE National Service Plan 2015

Sunday World - 23rd November 2014 - Charity calendar in aid of ASI

Irish Daily Mail - 22nd November 2014 - Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon Campaign 2014

RTE's The Late Late Show 21st November 2014 - Kathy Ryan and Sean Donal O'Shea are interview by Ryan Tubridy to discuss living with dementia

Sunday Independent 16th November 2014 - Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon Campaign 2014

RTE Guide 15th November 2014 - Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon Campaign 2014

Irish Farmer's Journal 8th November 2014 - Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon Campaign 2014

Sligo Weekender 6th November 2014 - Helen Rochford Brennan elected on to the European Dementia Working Group

TV3's Ireland AM  3rd November 2014 - Sean Donal O'Shea discusses caring for his mother, Debbie, who has Alzheimer's. Dr. Sean Kennelly also takes part. 

Irish Daily Mail 3rd November 2014 - The Alzheimer Society of Ireland launches new Alzheimer's Memory Ribbon Campaign. 

RTE's Morning Edition 31st October 2014 - Helen Rochford Brennan, member of European Dementia Working Group and Tina Leonard, Head of Advocacy and Public Affairs with ASI are interviewed on RTE's Morning Edition (go to 32.16 minutes in). 

Leitrim Observer 29th October 2014 - Trinity study calling on volunteers for spousal care study. 

The Irish Examiner 21st October 2014 - Volunteers for study sought 

Irish Pharmacy News 1st October 2014 - Advice for pharmacists

Irish Pharmacy News 1st October 2014 - Helping elderly people suffering from dementia/Alzheimer's

The Sunday Independent 21st September 2014 - Dementia is more prevalent than cancer or heart disease and is expected to treble

The Sunday Independent 21st September 2014 - Dementia is rising and not just among the elderly

The Sunday Independent 21st September 2014 - People say:'I must visit Helen', but they never come 21st September 2014 - ASI Living With Dementia video's mark World Alzheimer's Day

Newstalk's The Sunday Show 21st September 2014 - Carer Sean Donal O'Shea talks about caring for his mother who has early onset dementia (41 minutes in)

When Dr Google and Dr Expert disagree 6th September 2014 - Helen Rochford Brennan quoted on her diagnosis 

RTE Nine News 14th August 2014 - Atlantic Philanthropies €15m contribution to dementia (17 mins)

The Daily Mail 8th August 2014 - Vitamin D and dementia

Irish Independent 8th August 2014 - Lack of vitamin D linked to dementia

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - The economic cost of dementia

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - 'She still looks like my mother but I'm parenting her'

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - Numbers with dementia will soon multiply

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - Major necessity for dementia 'is human contact'

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - Important for carers to avail of supports

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - 'He is my dad, but he's not the Dad we knew'

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - Cork centre offers respite for carers and company for users

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - Coming out of the shadows

Irish Times Health and Family 29th July 2014 - Alarm at level of awareness of dementia in Irish hospitals

Sunday Business Post 27th July 2014 - Medicines up to 27 times dearer in Ireland than they are in Britain

Sunday Business Post 27th July 2014 - A bitter pill to swallow. The price of drugs in Ireland

Irish Independent 21st July 2014 - Obesity is a risk factor for Alzheimer's

Irish Examiner 19th July 2014 - U-turn as 23 groups get funding restored

Evening Echo 19th July 2014 - Loss of disability funding a devastating blow

Daily Mirror 18th July 2014 - Deaf cuts u-turn

Evening Echo 18th July 2014 - Martin slams cuts to disability funding

Irish Examiner 16th July 2014 - Kenny urged to reverse disability cuts

 Irish Times 15th July 2014 - Latest cuts for coalface charities simply crass stupidity

TV3 5.30pm News 11th July 2014 - Dr. Sean Kennelly discusses new research on blood testing for dementia

Irish Independent 10th July 2014 - Funding cuts for disability groups 'will bring an end to vital services'.

Irish Times 8th July 2014 - Cuts to funding to neurological services

Irish Examiner 3rd July 2014 - No sense to funding cuts, minister

Irish Examiner 16th June 2014 - The Alzheimer Society of Ireland's Pre Budget Submission

Newstalk Breakfast 27th May 2014 - Feature on Alzheimer's in Ireland today and Social Club in Clontarf (fast-forward to 17.40 minute's in)

Irish Times Health Supplement 13th May 2014 -  The Orchard Garden Open Day

Irish Medical News 13th May 2014 - Enabling people to live well with dementia

Irish Independent Health Supplement 12th May 2014 - The Orchard Garden Open Day

RTE Morning Edition 1st May 2014 - Alzheimer's Tea Day feature 1.06 minutes in to show

Sunday World 20th April 2014 - Article on Alzheimer's Tea Day 2014, carer story

Irish Independent Weekend Magazine 19th April 2014 - Tom Dunne writes about his mother's dementia in support of Tea Day 2014

The Irish Sun 8th April 2014 - News statistics on Alzheimer's

Woman's Way - Alzheimer's Tea Day 2014

RTE Guide 31st March 2014 - Alzheimer's Tea Day 2014

Newstalk's Pat Kenny Show 26th March 2014 - Seamus Cunningham and Denise Monahan speak about living with dementia (go to 19 minutes in). 25th March 2014 - Alzheimer's Tea Day launch

Irish Examiner 25th March 2014 - Alzheimer's Tea Day launch

Irish Star 25th March 2014 - Alzheimer's Tea Day launch

Irish Sun 25th March 2014 - Alzheimer's Tea Day launch

Today with Sean O'Rourke 18th March 2014 - Helen Rochford Brennan speaks about her diagnosis of early onset dementia. 11th March 2014 - 'New blood test offers hope on dementia', The Alzheimer Society of Ireland comment on new dementia research.

Irish Independent 5th March 2014 - article about muscial and drama societies and dementia.

The Irish Times 11th March 2014 - The Alzheimer Society of Ireland comment on new dementia research.

The Irish Independent 11th March 2014 - The Alzheimer Society of Ireland comment on new dementia research.

Irish Examiner 11th March 2014 - The Alzheimer Society of Ireland comment on new dementia research.

RTE Radio 1, News at One, 10th March 2014 - Professor Brian Lawlor discusses new dementia research.

The Gloss Magazine, Irish Times Saturday 1st March 2014 - Helen Rochford Brennan, Chairperson, Irish Dementia Working Group, talks about her diagnosis of early onset dementia.

Mothers and Babies, Irish Independent 26th February 2014 - Samantha Taylor, Information Manager with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland discusses talking to children and young people about dementia.

RTE Lunchtime News 18th February 2014 - Gerry Martin, CEO with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and family carer Denise Monohan discuss importance of research in to Alzheimer's and dementia at the launch of TCD's FreeDem videos.

RTE's Morning Edition 20th January 2014 - Morning Edition visited the Wexford Alzheimer Cafe and talked to carers and staff (fast forward to 58 mins)

Today FM, Ray D'Arcy Show 15th January 2014 - in studio discussion on caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's (go to 43 minutes in)

RTE Radio One, Joe Duffy's Liveline 13th January 2014 - discussion on caring for someone with Alzheimer's

The Sunday Business Post, 22nd December 2013 - Warning over dementia 'timebomd' as society calls for more research funding

The Irish Independent, 17th December 2013 - Dementia a 'ticking timebomb' for Ireland

The Sunday Independent, 15th December 2013 - How charities spend donations

The Irish Daily Mail, 11th December 2013 - Tell us how are cash is spent

The Sunday Business Post, 1st December 2013 - Charities fear backlash

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